Xiaorui Zhu

Professor of HIT Shenzhen, Chair of Chapters and International Activities Committee at IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

Jun Lin

Founder of, Well-known Writer

Program Chairman

Dexin Wu

Deputy General Editor of
Editor-in-chief of Autonomous Channel

Organizing Committee Chairman

Guangwei Mai

General Manager of

  • Adrian Kaehler

    Adrian was on the Stanford's team winning the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge.
    He is also the former VP of Magic Leap. He also published the book Learning OpenCV.
  • Jerry Yu

    Dr. Jerry Yu is Senior Manger of Autonomous Driving at SAIC USA Innovation Center.
  • Anca Dragan

    Anca runs the InterACT lab at UC Berkeley.
    She is also in the Berkeley DeepDrive team, which seek to merge deep learning with automotive perception and bring CV technology to the forefront.
  • Lei Qi

    Lei Qi works as an investor at SAIC Venture Capital. Her investment area focus on the automotive industry in both China and the U.S..
  • Kai Yu

    Kai Yu is the founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics, a startup dedicated to developing embedded AI solutions for autonomous driving, smart cameras, and other devices.
    He led the R&D of AI at Baidu from April 2012 to June 2015.
  • Jianxiong Xiao

    Jianxiong Xiao is the Founder and CEO of AutoX Inc. AutoX's camera-first self-driving solution amounts to only a tiny fraction of the cost of traditional LiDAR-based approaches. Dr. Xiao has over ten years of research and engineering experience in Computer Vision, Autonomous Driving, and Robotics.
  • Anand Gopalan

    Anand Gopalan is Velodyne LiDAR's Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for developing ASIC technology that will power Velodyne's next generation LIDAR products.
  • Chris Heiser CEO
    Chris Heiser is the CEO of Renovo, leading the company’s development of software platforms to accelerate the innovation and adoption of automated mobility on-demand (AMoD) systems.
  • Jingao Wang

    Jingao Wang is the Head of the Apollo Platform and a Senior Director at Baidu. He has over 20 years of research and engineering experience with both small and large teams in automobile, autonomous driving, mobile OS. Before joining Baidu, he worked at Google and Bosch.
  • Junli Gu

    Dr. Junli Gu is vice president of Autonomous Driving at Xiaopeng Motors. She is an expert in the field of Machine Learning and Autonomous Driving. Before Xiaopeng Motors, she was lead of Machine Learning at Tesla AutoPilot.
  • Wei Luo

    Wei Luo is currently the COO and Head of Product at DeepMap. She worked for 9+ years at Google, leading various product and engineering efforts, spanning from Google Earth, Google Maps, Geo Enterprise, Location Intelligence and more.
  • Maha Achour

    Maha is the CEO and co-founder of Metawave. She has more than 15 years experience in the RF, wireless, optics and networking industries.
  • Jon Mullen

    Jon Mullen is co-founder and CTO at RightHook. RightHook creates simulations to accelerate the delivery of safe autonomous systems.
  • Bao Junwei

    Bao Junwei is the CEO and founder of Innovusion. Innovusion makes high definition sensor and sensor fusion solutions for Autonomous Driving. Before, he was the head of computing system and sensor of Baidu's autonomous driving division.
  • Wende Zhang

    Dr. Wende Zhang is GM’s BFO of Lidar Systems since June 2017, and BFO of View Systems in 2014-2017.
  • Yibiao Zhao

    Yibiao Zhao is the co-founder and CEO of iSee AI, a startup working on humanistic AI for autonomous driving. Yibiao completed his PhD at UCLA, studying computer vision, and his postdoc at MIT, studying cognitive robots.
  • Shahin Farshchi

    Shahin empowers entrepreneurs aiming to accelerate humanity towards a fantastic future through feats of engineering. His recent investments at Lux Capital include Nervana(recently acquired by Intel), Planet Labs, Flex Logix, Relativity Space, Aeva, Mythic, and Zoox.
  • Tao Wang

    Co founder and Director of Research and Engineering of
    Stanford CS Master
    PhD drop out


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